The Saturday Special: Daffodil Edition

The daffodils are starting to come up in our neighborhood, therefore I have hope!

Well, team, aside from the seemingly unending grey that is February, I’ve had a pretty good week. I hope you have, too. I got a bunch of good news about new yoga classes, plus some of our best friends have been in town for the past couple days. We have a house full of nerds, and I’ve been laughing for 3 days straight. Can’t complain.

Here’s some of what was cool on the internet this week:

“The real risk of interacting with unproven ideas is the fear that we might not react in a way our peers expect. The desire to fit in often overwhelms our curiosity.” –Seth Godin Yes yes yes.

Holy amazebals. ViHart’s guide to comments makes me want to jump up and go take all the risks.

This boy is unbearably adorable and smart. I was thinking “Is anyone besides me sick of Ted talks?” But then he started talking, and I was like “Shit, this kid is layin down the wisdom.” I’m actually somewhat jealous that I went to such a traditional school when I was his age, but it’s never too late to be inspired.

Finally, Ellie and I did our second podcast. This time it’s all about the adventure of self-publishing. You can listen or download it here:

That’s it for me today. Stay warm and enjoy your weekend. Spring really is just around the corner!

All my love!

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