The Saturday Special: Full of Bad Kittens


Oh hey there, babycakes! Lookin’ good!

I hope you had a fabulous week and are now enjoying a well-earned rest. I hope wherever you are is warm and beautiful and you’re enjoying the company of loved ones or soaking up the gorgeousness of blissful quiet.

Here’s what I found the most fascinating online this week! Um … I may have spent a lot of time on Youtube. :-/

If this isn’t on every link roundup on the internet this week, it should be.

I can’t figure out what exactly is so hypnotic and wonderful about this video, but I wanna watch it over and over again.

I’m like two years behind on falling in love with this chick. Every time I hear this song, I walk around for the next three days singing, “One big room, full of bad kittens.” (Yeah, I know those aren’t the words, but whatever.) Seriously, though, I’m starting to love her.

I’m pretty confused about what’s going on in this video, but you can’t deny that this woman has an incredible voice and an awful lot of nerve.

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