The Saturday Special: New Orleans Ladies and Texas Girls


Gooooood  Saturday morning, to ya! Today is my friend Teresa’s wedding day!

I skipped the Saturday Special last week because I was travelling. This week, I’m still on the road but I have reliable internet access — hooray for little miracles! Nimby and I spent several days in New Orleans with my folks, then went to Sulphur, LA (my hometown) for a few days with my whole family. Today, we’re in Arlington, TX where one of our best friends is getting married. It’s been a full fledged nostalgia tour! As you read this, I am probably having mimosas with my girlfriends while we get dressed for the wedding.

Here’s what’s happened over the past few weeks that I’m the most excited about:

On Easter Sunday, I released my little poetry collection,Poetry for Your Personal Apocalypse, then immediately dove headlong into writing for my next collection: The Living Body. You can watch the progress of the new collection through my Tumblr if you’re into that. I feel like this is actually a multi-part collection of poems and essays coming together, and I hope to publish a large volume of poems at the end of this year. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy this little love letter.

Last week, I started my meditation series, Meditate Like a Boss. I think you’ll really enjoy it. To learn what it’s all about, check out the first two posts, Do What Now? (It’s funnier if you read that title in Meadwad’s voice) and Being in Your Skin.

And here’s what happened on the rest of the internet!

This is a totally beautiful story about a trans woman coming out to her parents. I cried pretty much the whole way through it.

Yoga Dork had strong feelings about Lululemon’s April Fool’s Day ad. Personally, I found the ad faintly funny and not particularly offensive. I’m mostly vegetarian and really love animals, but a joke is a joke, and I feel like the yoga community needs to lighten up a little. Lululemon is not a brand I admire in any way except perhaps for their willingness to laugh at themselves.

Pluto’s Gate Uncovered in Turkey. I love when science and mythology come together like this.

The Meeting Troll — oh my word. I used to work with like sixteen of these people. Seriously, Seth Godin hits corporate culture right on the nose every time.

Combatting Gossip with the Four Gates of Speech – Can anyone tell me for sure where this bit of wisdom originated? Some people say it comes from Buddhism while others say it’s a Sufi tradition. I’m not sure, but I think it’s a good idea either way.

This is pretty much every conversation I’ve ever had with my husband.

This is the Pinterest board I work on when I’m hanging out at my parents house after having juuuust enough to drink.

The Associated Press will no longer use the term “illegal immigrant” to describe people. Good on them! While there are serious issues related to immigration that need to be discussed, our word choices can help humanize the situation. I’m happy to see people in the media using their influence to make our public conversations more human and more productive.

Plus, Margaret Sullivan of The New York Times talks about the importance of word choices — what’s the difference between a detainee and a prisoner, for example?

Lodro Rinzler has a great meditation technique to improve your work day. I love it! If you want to me calmer and more focused at the office (who doesn’t?) give this a try!

Casie Brown of Worn Journal has one of those internal conversations all feminists have with themselves (I assume): The male gaze dilemma vs. pretty panties.

This gorgeous woman — Brianne — looks like the real life incarnation of Jaimie from Girls with Slingshots. (Somewhat NSFW, but totally worth it.)

Ok, my loves. Now I’m off for more wedding-related shenanigans. Wish me luck.


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