The trouble with being yourself…


These next two pages are not particularly connected to one another. I was still sortof thinking about my fictional “Sara” from earlier, but I was getting bored with it. The next post will show you how things got weirder. But first, this. Transcriptions, as always, are below the images.

Scan 14


She didn’t always get everything right, but she didn’t believe in mistakes, either. Not big mistakes, anyway. Every decisions was a chance to plant the seed for a certain kind of future. The future was known to play out unexpectedly at times, but she did her best to plant good seeds. She misread things once in a while, especially other people’s intentions. But she looked back and realized ALL That got here HERE. And this was where she was meant to be. No mistakes.

At first, I just liked feeling like someone other than me. I thought if I kept at it, I could become that person.

The trouble with being yourself is that you know all your own flaws.

Scan 15

He loved her from a distance and with very little art.

“I’ll have to make some art for myself,” she said.

Commentary: You can’t see it very well, but this second page is decorated with smudges of lipstick, shimmery powder, and eye shadow. Why? *shrug* I decline to explain myself.


And then it got weird.
Always the Same Cowbow

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