Weekly Assignment: I Don’t Care

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There are so many things in the world that simply aren’t important to me at all, and while I don’t deny anyone else’s right to be excited about them, I find it very freeing to acknowledge that these things just aren’t important to me, and I don’t spend any energy on them unless absolutely necessary.

I used to work with this really energetic lady who seemed to have very strong feelings about everything: the royal wedding, celebrities in rehab, politicians cheating on their spouses, what shoes so-and-so wore, and so on. I thought she was incredibly smart and passionate about the world, but I couldn’t bring myself to care nearly as much as she did about those things, and she seemed to think I was really strange for not sharing her level of interest. On the other hand, she didn’t share my passion for yoga, literature, cartoons or video games, and I thought, “What can your life be without these things?”

While we worked together, I developed a habit of writing down things she talked about that I didn’t care about. Here’s a sample…

I don’t care about …

designer purses
royal/celebrity marriages or gossip
makeup beyond the absolute basics
Harry Potter
bridal showers (even my own)
and baby showers (sorry!)
what school you went to or how impressive it’s supposed to be
how much money your parents have or don’t have
name brand clothing of any type
awards shows
red carpet fashion
who the senator is sleeping with
Black Friday sales
wearing green on St. Patrick’s day (I dare you to pinch me.)
professional sports
Justin Bieber

Accepting that you just don’t care about certain things, even though other people seem to think they’re important, frees up your brain and your energy.

This isn’t about putting down what other people care about. iI’s about self-acceptance and picking priorities that are in line with what actually matters to you. So, what things do you simply not care about? Make a list, then make up your mind not to waste time on those things any more!

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