Weekly Assignment: Pick Up Shiny Objects

Shelves of Saves

This week, wherever you go, keep your eyes peeled for shiny objects, colorful knick knacks and curious tidbits.

Maybe you notice a piece of paper fluttering through a parking lot and pick it up. Is it a love note? A grocery list? A recipe?

Perhaps you see a glint of silver on the sidewalk. Is it a coin? A lost earring? A tiny toy gun meant to fit in a little plastic hand?

Inspiration and opportunity are largely related to simple awareness and openness. Countless ideas flit past us daily, and the ones we grasp are just the ones we’re open to.

Ellie is a human magpie and always finds odds and ends wherever she goes. This seems to be a combination of awareness and luck that leads to her best finds. She chose to make a bit of art with some of her findings while I keep mine all displayed on a shelf in my office or sometimes give them away like this little guy I gave to another friend:



Keep your eyes open this week, and see what odds and ends you can find.

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One thought on “Weekly Assignment: Pick Up Shiny Objects

  1. Once, I found a bus ticket that still had $80 worth of transfers from here to Toronto. And when I was a little kid, I found a hundred dollar bill. Looking at the ground is not only interesting, but profitable. 🙂

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