Who is this “she,” anyway?

I made myself promise I wouldn’t spend too much time writing any of these posts because if I do I will think too hard and talk myself out of it. This is a very serious problem I have. Here are some more pages.
Scan 5I don’t have anything nice to say about the above page. I was just starting to experiment with how I might use the Post-It notes. I hoped a character would appear if I started asking some questions.

Scan 6


At first, I chose the colors somewhat randomly, and the layout here is confusing. At my desk, I lay out the notes so they form a nice shape or tell some kind of coherent story, but when I move them into the notebook, there isn’t always enough space to arrange them how I’d like.

Scan 7

Then it started to work.




Poems. Free. Questionable Quality.

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