why i <3 @AnneLamott

I checked Twitter immediately upon waking up this morning because I’m a little on the OCD side like that (isn’t everyone these days?) and I learned that Anne Lamott is now on Twitter. This makes me pretty seriously happy.

While I had my coffee and vitamins, I pondered why Anne Lamott is my favorite writer. Here’s what I came up with:

Actually, there are a lot of reasons I love her writing, like how compassionate she is, how she deals with the shortcomings of her characters in such a loving and positive way, how she gives such solid advice about writing. But lots of people can give good advice and even be lovely and compassionate without being interesting at all (myself, for example). But I really think it’s the overall joyfulness of Lamott’s writing that makes me love it the most.

So, how about you? What is it that really makes you love your favorite writers?

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