why nerds need yoga

Can we talk about nerds and yoga for a minute?

I think part of my calling in life might be to bring yoga to nerds. You see, I have access to a lot of nerds. I sortof am one, but that’s a topic for another day.

In a couple weeks, Nimby and I are going to NYC so he can do some work for Major League Gaming, which is essentially a company full of gaming and programming nerds. These are my favorite type of people. I love to be around smart, funny, inventive, and driven people, and that’s exactly what I get when we go to MLG events. This will be my first time visiting their office, so I’m super excited. However, most of the time we’re in town, I’ll be wandering the city while Le Nimby works. Obviously, there are tons of yoga studios in the city, so this seemed like a great chance to try some different styles.

Unable to choose among the plethora of studios and classes available, I asked a friend who works for MLG whether he was familiar with any of the nearby studios or if anyone else in the office might be.

“I don’t think anyone at MLG does yoga,” he said. “At least no one talks about it.”


The more involved I get with my little yoga world — spending time at the studio, planning and teaching classes, and generally socializing with the yoga community — the more I notice a freakish gap between my yoga life and everything else. For example, I can’t tell my teacher about a funny IRC conversation because I would have to explain what IRC is. And do you have any idea how hard it was to tell my teacher training classmates what a LAN party was? The looks of mixed confusion and condescension were enough to shut me up about technology for the better part of the year.

I realize these two worlds seem totally incompatible, which is why there is so little overlap between them, but I manage to have one foot in each, and I think I benefit from it. I’m not sure I’m up to the task of getting yoga people to really embrace technology, but I wonder if I could get my nerds to embrace yoga.

Here are three reasons nerds need yoga:

  1. You  sit down most of the day. This isn’t because you’re lazy. You’re working! You’re staring at a monitor, your eyes are straining, your back is all out of whack from sitting in that terrible office chair all day, and your neck is sore from holding the phone between your ear and your shoulder while trying to type. Yoga fixes that.
  2. You’re stressed out. Look, it’s hard being the smartest person in the room (I’m not gonna claim to know that from experience, though). Explaining things to other people all the time, solving all their problems, and keeping your cool all at the same time is mentally exhausting. If you’ve ever worn a shirt that said “No, I won’t fix your computer,” not as a joke but as a serious attempt at mental self defense, you need yoga to give your overworked brain a break.
  3. You’re “forever alone.” Look, I hate this stereotype at least as much as you do. Personally, I think brains are WICKED HOT, but no one’s going to know about your sexy IQ if you don’t go out and meet them. A good yoga studio is a warm, friendly, safe environment for meeting new people. And if you think you look silly doing the poses, I promise you, everyone struggled with their first downward dog. No yogi worth his or her salt would dare judge you.

There’s lots more where that came from, but so much of it you just have to experience for yourself to really get it. The physical benefits are obvious to anyone who’s ever gone to a yoga class. The mental benefits are much harder to explain, but they’re there, I promise, or else I would’ve ditched the spandex years ago.

Just give it a try. Even if you don’t stick with it forever (although I hope you will), you’ll be a better person for the experience.

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