Yoga Sutra 1.14: Are we there yet?

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Practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness.

Yoga practice is like climbing a huge mountain. You can’t even see the top, nor do you know if or when you will reach it. Knowing that, you can choose to set up camp on the mountain side and be happy where you are, which is a completely legit decision. Most people don’t do that because humans feel compelled to make progress all the time, so we climb. We pick our path up the mountain based on what seems right for us. Some people like to go up the steep rock face because they enjoy the challenge. Some people prefer a leisurely hike up the verdant side. That’s why we have so many styles of yoga practice to choose from. But whatever path you pick, you have to stick to it. When your practice becomes consistent, then you start to see real results in your life.

How long do you have to commit to the practice? As long as it takes. If after every step you look up to the top of the mountain and complain about not being there yet, it’s going to take a whole lot longer. If you keep taking one step after another and maybe even learn to enjoy the journey, then before you know it, you’re really getting somewhere.

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