Yoga Sutra 1.20: The attitude of a yogi


To the others, this asamprajnana samadi (undistinguished consciousness) could come through faith, strength, memory, contemplation or discernment.

The last sutra noted that some people are born with an apparent advantage on the road toward enlightenment due to their karma, but the rest of us have to cultivate certain virtues to advance on our paths.

Faith: Confidence that you can reach your goal. Trust in the universe or God or science.

Strength: Commitment to practice. Physical wellbeing and vitality.

Memory: Know the past. Learn from it. Move forward.

Contemplation: Awareness and calm consideration of experience.

Discernment: Mental clarity and sharpness. Ability to choose wisely.

These qualities or virtues can be incorporated into your life in any way you choose. Anything can be a meditation. Anything can be a path toward enlightenment if approached with the attitude Patanjali is describing, the attitude of the yogi or the spiritual seeker.

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